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    Reliable Reading Scaffolding Hire Services

    Reading is claiming its rightful position as an economic powerhouse in the south of England. On our part as an experienced Reading scaffolding hire company, we are here to support the massive developments taking place in this historic market town.

    Demand for homes, commercial and industrial spaces is fueling a massive expansion in construction and renovation activities. Moreover, this is not just in Reading but in the entire county of Berkshire.

    With decades of combined industry experience in offering domestic and commercial scaffolding services in Reading, we can assure you of quality scaffolding services. In short, whether you are looking for scaffold erection or dismantling services, our competent and qualified engineers can help you get the job done right the first time.

    Our first-class Reading scaffold hire services blend high-quality scaffolding hire with responsive and exceptionally knowledgeable customer service. This ensures your projects are delivered on time and within budget-no unnecessary cost overruns.

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    Our Reading Scaffolding Systems

    The scaffolding systems we offer can comfortably accommodate any construction project irrespective of its complexity. Here are the different types of scaffolding systems you can hire from us.

    Modular Scaffolding

    Since this system consists of independent units or modules, it makes it highly effective for large and complex building projects.

    System Scaffolding

    This simple system consists of posts and tubes that run vertically, diagonally, and horizontally. As a result, it is one of our popular scaffolding designs in Reading.

    Tubular Scaffolding

    The construction of most older buildings in Reading required the help of tubular scaffolding systems. They are still popular today and as adaptive as ever.

    Suspended Scaffolding

    This system, best suited for tall structures, can save you money and time compared to erecting regular scaffolding systems. In other words, it gives you an easy way to make your projects competitive.

    Besides being a CITB registered scaffolding company, we have all our services assessed and approved by the Reading Borough Council. Furthermore, we are compliant with both the UK and European safety standards and codes of practice.

    If you are planning to do some renovation, maintenance work, let alone construct a new building, be sure to check out our scaffold rental services in Reading. Here is a quick listing of what we offer.

    picture of scaffolding on construction site with sunset sky in the background
    • Domestic Scaffolding
    • Commercial Scaffolding
    • Temporary Roofs
    • Chimney Scaffolding
    • Restricted Area Scaffolding
    • Building Site Fencing

    Alternatively, if your construction project is in an area where a regular scaffolding erection could be a challenge, we have the right solution just for you – cantilever scaffolding. It uses needles that our engineers bore into walls to provide a sturdy structure as the foundation for the scaffold.

    Whether your scaffolding project is planned or an emergency, you can count on us. We are your reliable partner, and you can reach us at any time 24/7/365

    Our Services

    Residential Scaffolding

    Picture of scaffolding installed on a residential houseRegardless of your Reading domestic scaffolding needs, we’ve got you covered. Indeed, most of our professionals are Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCSs) with NVQ Level 5 and above qualifications.

    We can offer you a variety of flexible, efficient, and customer-friendly scaffolding solutions. Our long list of satisfied clients including individual homeowners, roofers, and local builders are a testament to our dedication to providing quality services.

    The domestic scaffolding services we offer have become an essential component of every work-at-height project in Reading. We concentrate on safe access not only for tradesmen but also for property owners when doing renovations, repairs, restorations, and refurbishments.

    The domestic scaffold designs available for hire are simple to erect and dismantle. Additionally, we advise you on proper usage to ensure safety and efficiency throughout your project.

    As far as safety is concerned, each of our scaffold design complies with the National Access & Scaffolding Confederation’s (NASC) technical guidance TG20:13. For example, every scaffold is tested and checked before we deliver it to the project site. Besides, we brief our customers on the importance of high-end safety in all their projects.

    Are you looking for domestic scaffolding solutions in Reading? Well, we are just a call away, get in touch with us today!

    Commercial Scaffolding

    construction scaffolding in a busy city centreCommercial construction or renovation projects are often undertaken close to busy and high traffic spaces hence the need for minimal if any disruption. For this reason, our engineers and supervisors are always available and willing to help you organise your project.

    At Reading scaffolding, our scaffolders are trained and certified to handle different commercial scaffolding needs from industrial to listed buildings restoration works. There is no project scale we haven’t handled; we’ve worked on both small, medium, and large commercial projects in almost every industry.

    Thanks to our strong reputation and high standard of work, we’ve been getting lots of client recommendations and repeat business. Whether you are looking for tube straightening, temporary roofs, or heavy-duty support, we have solutions for all that and more.

    To guard your project against public liability claims and legal suits, we have a public liability insurance cover of up to £10m. Combine this with the 24/7 emergency health and safety support line that we have access to, and you can rest easy with total peace of mind.

    Where our scaffolding covers a road or path, we shall get a permit for you as per the regulations. Furthermore, to keep intruders off your scaffolding, we have easy to use scaffold alarms designed and installed based on your project.

    Temporary roofs

    Temporary roof installed on a residential houseAt Reading scaffolding, our focus is to create safe and comfortable solutions for your construction and repair projects. The simple and effective design of our temporary roof scaffolding ensures we can adapt it to any type of construction work, renovations, or archaeological excavations.

    For instance, our customers have used our temporary roof solutions for projects such as home refurbishments, roof repairs following a fire, storm damages, and commercial roof buildings. We install our temporary roof structures with full consideration of all site operatives.

    The materials our specialist scaffolding teams use are of high quality. This ensures your construction work is always protected against the effects of weather deterioration.

    Chimney Scaffolding

    picture of scaffolding installed on a roof around a chimneyEvery once in a while, it is necessary to maintain your chimney. However, most contractors in Reading find it challenging to uphold safety standards during the cleanup and repair undertakings. This is precisely why we came up with our bespoke chimney scaffold designs. They help create a safe platform allowing you to work efficiently and comfortably.

    You can use our chimney scaffolding rentals on any chimney. However, they are best suited for roofs with a slope angle of 30 to 45 degrees. The scaffolding length is also adaptable to the height of your chimney.

    One of the striking advantages of our chimney scaffolding design is that you can use it on both sides of the chimney. Looking around, not many scaffolding Reading companies give you such unique designs.

    For enhanced protection and safety, our scaffolding solutions come with telescopic guardrails. This helps you to set the guardrails to fit the distance between the chimney and the platform.

    Our chimney scaffolding incorporates high-end engineering features. For instance, the scaffold parts – toe boards, horizontal braces, and double guardrails braces –  are all interchangeable. This makes assembly work quick and straightforward. When you entrust your scaffolding erection to our specialists, you can be sure it will feel like solid ground under your feet.

    Restricted Area Scaffolding

    restricted area signAt Reading scaffolding, we have invested heavily in targeted training to enable our technicians to undertake restricted area scaffolding jobs. The knowledge and skills our professionals have, allow them to erect and dismantle a wide range of scaffolding, thus giving you safe working platforms.

    For every project, we first plan and sufficiently prepare the worksite before erecting the restricted area scaffolding. From time to time, based on our internal procedures, we inspect, adjust, and alter the installations as we see necessary.

    Having worked in Reading for a while, we have seen some scaffolding rental companies dismantling scaffolding and leaving the site messy. On the contrary, we have proper procedures that involve professional dismantling, cleaning up, and securing the worksite.

    If you have a project in restricted spaces and need restricted area scaffolding, let us know, and we shall send our Reading scaffolding contractors to come and assess your requirements.

    Building Site Fencing

    construction site fencingDemand for housing and office space has seen booming construction work in Reading. Professionals are handling lots of building projects, all of which are to be delivered on time, within budget, and safely.

    One of the areas we have been keen on as strategic stakeholders in the construction industry is site safety. We have developed solutions to safeguard site workers’ health and safety. Through our building site fencing solutions, we also protect your equipment to ensure it serves you for long and doesn’t stay on harm’s way.

    Our fencing is simple to install, remove, and transport. The materials we use are of high quality and can withstand unfavourable weather conditions. A Reading site fence correctly done will save your construction company from issues such as equipment theft, trespassing, crowd management, and even falling objects when construction works are ongoing.

    We have versatile, cost-effective, and simple to install fencing suited for different kinds of construction sites. For long term projects, we have hoarding site fencing commonly made of steel or plywood. Also, if your construction work is close to a residential estate, having site fencing can reduce the spread of dust and rubble.

    Many of our customers in Reading use site fencing to install security systems, access controls, lighting, and alarm systems. If you need to hire our site fencing solutions, let us know your needs, and we shall get you the best type of building site fencing.

    Why Hire Our Scaffolding Solutions

    As a professional and experienced scaffolding hire Reading company, our goal is to provide our customers with reliable solutions to their construction and repair needs. We have streamlined our scaffolding hire processes in Reading to make it as smooth as possible for our customers to get the solutions they need. Here are our value propositions and why we stand tall among scaffolding companies Reading.

    Reliability and Accuracy

    Whether you are hiring a temporary roof scaffolding or a scaffolding tower to use on your long-term projects, our specialists will give you a reliable solution. We conduct periodic checks on all our installed scaffolding to ensure they are serving you right. We send technicians to come and service the scaffolding components and make replacements where necessary.

    Highest Quality Solutions

    Everything we use from the tools to materials, meet the highest possible standards. Before scaffolding erection, we build and inspect all our installations on the ground. Only when satisfied that health and safety standards have been met do we erect it for use. We are guided by ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems.

    Occupational Safety and Health

    Our company hires only qualified and background-checked specialists. Also, we train and retrain them on issues around occupational safety and health. We have high-security standards that must be adhered to at all times to prevent unnecessary injuries, possible fatalities, and messed up construction projects. On an ongoing basis, we examine both their physical and mental health.

    Local Authority Approved

    All our operations are fully licenced and approved by the Reading Borough Council and the Berkshire County Council. These are rigorous administrations with strict governance controls. The approvals mean that our work has satisfied all requirements, thus giving our customers confidence.


    Our teams have decades of combined experience in the scaffolding industry. We have now completed hundreds of projects. This experience has given us unique opportunities to learn, revise our methodologies, and improve our approaches. The skills and specialist scaffolding knowledge we’ve gathered have enabled us to deliver projects on time and budget.

    Budget-friendly Pricing

    Our company is not out to make a quick buck but rather to build customer relations and solve real problems in the scaffolding industry. We are not underpricing our services. Instead, we always ensure that our pricing is competitive in terms of value compared to the other scaffolding contractors in Reading.

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